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Level 2 Grades 7-8 (see L1 graduate requirements)

Instruction and training will focus on developing and establishing the fundamental volleyball skills of serving, passing, setting, hitting, and blocking and introduction to gameplay.  Includes learning and practicing the intangibles such as hustle, teamwork, encouraging each other, mistake management, & much more. 

 Twice a week and includes JAS (Jump, Agility, and Speed) training.

  • Emphasis on proper form, foot work, and technique

  • Building on and solidifying skills

  • Introduction to drills and gameplay

  • Intangibles- teamwork, encouraging each other, mistake management, hustle, trust, vocalization

  • Young athletes will likely remain at this level the longest.  It takes time and practice!

Ready for Level 3

  • Is at least 13 years old

  • Can successfully serve overhand from the service line most of the time

  • Can receive and pass a serve to target most of the time

  • Able to keep the ball in play, assertively goes for the ball, demonstrates good ball control and body control

  • Stays engaged and focused with an obvious desire to continue getting better and PLAY the game!

  • Has Program Director approval

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