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In our commitment to "quality over quantity", we limit our class sizes to 12 per court for a low player to coach ratio so they receive more individual attention with constant, descriptive feedback, and get the maximum, meaningful touches that are required to master their skills.

  We offer three distinct Levels so we can meet each player where they're at in age and ability for customized, challenging learning. 

To save you time and money, we coach proper form and technique from the start which develops the correct muscle memory and provides a strong foundation for them to build on.

Each monthly session is a 4 week commitment with an occasional exception.

As the most comprehensive, quality program in the area, we include Jump, Agility, and Speed training in every level.

While age doesn't necessarily coincide with skill level, brain development does.  We make sure that core concepts have taken root before introducing new ones.

If the goal is to become a strong, competitive volleyball player,

Ballistic Volleyball Academy is the right choice!

All Sessions and Skills Clinics are held at Beautiful Savior School Gym

6995 W. 120th Ave, Broomfield


Level 1

Grades 6-9 (age 11-15)


Focus on physical literacy and athleticism, an introduction to volleyball fundamentals that also include ball handling, ball control, and on the court movement.

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Level 2

Grades 7-9 (age 13-15)


Has graduated from Level 1.

Focus on building & establishing fundamental volleyball skills of serving, passing, setting, and hitting and introduction to gameplay.

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Level 3

Grades 7-9 (age 13-15)

Advanced/Practice League

Has graduated from Level 2.

Continued focus on skill improvement, volleyball IQ, proper use of skills in gameplay, and 6 v 6 gameplay.

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The Academy calendar is planned around the fall school volleyball season (Aug-Oct) and BVSD breaks such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break.

The months of August through October (school volleyball season)  Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 sessions are once a week on Saturdays.  The months of November through July, sessions are twice a week on weekdays.

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