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Level 3 Prep League   Grades 7-9 

(see L2 graduate requirements)

Continued focus on skill improvement and establishment, volleyball IQ, proper use of skills in gameplay, and play 6 v 6.  Will learn rotations, transitioning, court awareness, and reading the ball as well as reading opposing players. Level 3 is a great option high school freshmen during the off season.

Twice a week and includes JAS (Jump, Agility, and Speed) training

Our Level 3 Practice League prepares young volleyball players to play as a team in a mildly competitive environment.  They will continue to work on volleyball skills while learning positional responsibilities, rotations and court awareness.  Level 3 is a great alternative for those who can't and don't want to make the club volleyball commitment for financial or scheduling reasons. 

*Level 3 will have occasional scrimmages on and off site.

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