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Frequently asked questions...

Q  How many kids will be in each session?

Level 1 and Level 2 are limited to 24 (12 on each court) and Level 3/League is limited to 18 (6 kids per league team).  This allows for the highest quality coaching & instruction and optimal touches as safely as possible for each athlete.  Any quality program will allow no more than 12 players per court.

Q  Why aren't spectators allowed?

Spectators will be invited to watch the last day of each session for the last half hour.  Kids behave and perform differently when a parent is present.  Your child will be able to focus and learn better with fewer distractions which means their skills will improve faster!  If you have special circumstances, please let us know.

Q  What if I register my child for the wrong level?

Coach Korbyn will be quick to communicate with you in the event your child should be in a different level.  If you are unsure or have doubts, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Q  Can I get a refund or a prorate if my child misses a practice?

BVA expenses are fixed.  We hire staff and order t-shirts two weeks before each session based on the number of kids registered.  We hope you'll understand that for these and other administrative reasons, we are unable to offer refunds or prorated fees.  

Q  Can my child come to BVA and play on a club volleyball team at the same time?

You know best what your child and family can handle.  Some important things to consider:  Will there be scheduling conflicts that force choosing one over the other?  Will there be different or confusing coaching instruction or philosophies?  Will it cause early burnout? Is there risk of overuse injuries?


Q  Why am I being advised my child is not "club-ready", yet she made a club team?

Every volleyball club is different.  Some clubs are competitive and some are recreational.  Our goal is to prepare young athletes for a quality, competitive club program.  If you're able to, we'd love to have you join us at our Club Volleyball 101 class for parents to learn more about the club scene.  We offer this class in the Fall/Winter every year.

Q  My child just wants to play and have fun, is this the right program?

While we do have a lot of fun, our program is designed for those who want to become strong, competitive players and have goals for their future volleyball career.  If they just want to have fun and socialize, we may not be the right fit for them.

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