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We believe that kids should learn how to play volleyball using proper form and technique from the very beginning. This provides a solid foundation for their volleyball future, avoids forming bad habits that can stall their progression, and it helps avoid injuries as they get older and play in more competitive situations.


We believe that by providing systematic, progressive levels of learning to play volleyball, kids will emerge as stronger, more competitive, consistent players. 


We believe the intangibles of teamwork, attitude, effort and mental toughness are just as important and have a significant impact on their success in the volleyball world and in life.   


We teach kids volleyball skills using proper form and technique with constant, consistent feedback and encouragement in a fun, challenging environment.  We coach the whole person ~ mind, body, and heart.  We truly care about their volleyball skill development and their goals by getting to know them and working tirelessly to help them achieve those goals.  We are an excellent resource for parents as they enter and navigate the volleyball world.  We build character development into every class.  We provide help and support by offering workshops for kids that address common life challenges they face like stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, and much more.

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