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Level 1  Grades 6-8, have little to no experience

Quality instruction will focus on building and developing fundamental skills of serving, passing, setting, and hitting in a fun, accepting environment. 

Twice a week and includes JAS (Jump, Agility, and Speed) training.  

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Proper form & technique

On the court body movements, footwork, ball control, ready position, passing platform & more

Fundamental Volleyball Skills

Introduction to serving, passing, setting, and hitting starting with proper form.  Skills are broken down step by step in controlled situations.


Ready for Level 2

  • Is at least 12 years old

  • Able to stay focused and engaged

  • Able to retain/apply instruction

  • Demonstrates good body control and can perform travelling skills with ease

  • Can toss and catch the ball, can pass the ball to a partner (has some ball control)

  • Has Program Director approval

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